Nude Kayaking and Canoeing

Apart from nude bushwalking one of my favourite activities is nude kayaking or canoeing, this is my documentation of my mishaps and adventures..

I have had the chance to do quite a few paddling trips up rivers and around dams etc. over the past few years so I thought I should write a bit about it, in the beginning as you will see I didn’t have much success…

My first foray into nude canoeing of “canuding” was when I purchased a two person inflatable canoe on eBay, my wife and I took it out a couple of times up a local small river and we had a nude picnic on a sandbar “island” my wife really enjoyed it each time and expressed her intentions that we do it again soon, but alas due to work commitments and such my wife could never get the time off during the week as I could and weekends were filled up with children’s sport commitments etc. So I did a few outing’s on my own, which doesn’t really worry me as since a teen I’ve been a lone adventurer anyway.

My first inflatable canoe on a sandbar up the river (very poor camera phone photo)

First I took the canoe to a remote dam in the mountains, quite a picturesque location it was too, the dam is an old disused one that was constructed to store water for steam trains travelling over the mountains I I drove along the rough track to the waters edge, unpacked the canoe from the boot and hooked up the air pump and pumped it up then set off for what I thought would be a few hours of nude paddling….

paddling1 pagoda naked canoe selfie dam wall

rocks Clarence dam

Well the trouble I found with the canoe being inflatable was that it seemed to get a hole in it every time I took it out! I was forever patching the thing and on my trip around the dam it started to not only leak air but it was taking in water as well ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

“Sir, it appears we’ve hit an iceberg?? and we are taking in water… abandon ship!”

Feeling deflated…the end of that canoe

I made a hasty retreat back to the launch site and just got back as the canoe was becoming filled with water and feeling very sinkable… I was feeling quite deflated (pun intended) as I rolled the canoe back up and tossed it in the boot (or trunk as some people call it), on the way home I called into an Aldi store where I knew they had inflatable kayak’s on sale and I found one that had been discounted so I bought it!

A few months later I was on two weeks annual leave so I took the new kayak for it’s maiden voyage up the river… got half way up the river and I got a sinking feeling… that I was sinking… and fast! The thing had sprung an air leak!

I managed to blow up the kayak enough by mouth to limp back downstream… to be honest the river is not that deep so most of the time I was in the water dragging the kayak’s limp carcass behind me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

kayaking11 IMG_0556

So I swore off buying anymore inflatable canoes/kayaks and started looking for a “real” kayak, after many months I managed to pickup two sit on top kayaks with seats and paddles on eBay for about $500, they are worth over $400 each without paddles/seats etc in the sporting shops so I got a real bargain!

I first did a 11km return paddle up the river, I set out at 9am wearing small briefs and as soon as I was past the houses at about the 2km mark I slipped my briefs off and was naked as I paddled up the river to a sandy beach where I ate my lunch… just as I was approaching the beach I saw another kayak approaching from the other side so I veered behind some reeds and slipped my briefs back on ๐Ÿ˜‰

The other kayaker only stayed at the beach for a short time and we exchanged pleasantries and he was off again, leaving me to sunbake/skinny dip and relax in nature ๐Ÿ™‚

kayaking2 kayaking 1

kayaking3 kayaking4

kayaking5 My kayak & my bare bum

I stayed naked all the way back to where the houses were and slipped my briefs back on, I wasn’t concerned about passing boats seeing that I was naked because from a distance the black seat backrest blocked the view of my backside anyway… I ended up getting back to the boat ramp about 3pm, in total I paddled 11km and was naked for 7km of that ๐Ÿ˜‰

I did another short trip of 7km return up the first river I took my wife on… to be honest I was very disappointed with that river this time around, there had been some big floods come through so it was silted up in places with lot’s of flood debris and also very shallow in places due to a lot of sand having been washed downstream, also the water was very mucky.

I was naked from the launch of the kayak all the way up the river and back, I did see an elderly local resident as I was dragging the kayak across a shallow section, he saw me and came down the bank towards me so I knelt down behind the kayak to chat to him when he came out onto the sandbar about 20 feet away from me… he was friendly and merely wanted to tell me it was ok to travel the river but if I stopped on either bank I was technically trespassing, but the sandbars and islands in the centre of the river were nobody’s property so I was ok to stop on them, he didn’t comment on my nudity, but he would have definitely seen me naked as I dragged my kayak along and I’m quite sure he knew I was naked behind the kayak…

I waited till he turned away then got in the kayak and paddled up the river further and had lunch on a sandbar then paddled back downstream…

kayaking6 kayaking8

In the first week of November I went away for a week to a beachside holiday park on the far North Coast, I took my two kayaks and the whole family got out on them in the lagoon at the holiday park as well as in the inner harbour of the bay, one morning I got up just as the sun was rising and paddled across the river mouth to a secluded beach and had a sunbake for awhile… I saw that the tide was starting to come in and as I knew it was a fast flowing tide I started to head back… however I chose to come down a creek feeding into the river behind the beach, but the incoming tide was so strong I was getting pushed back up stream again!

remote beach IMG_6428
River mouth with my “nude beach” in the background

remote sunbake Sun baking
Parked up on the “nude beach” with civilisation just visible in the distant background

I managed to fight my way back across the now turbulent river mouth and into the safety of the inner harbour.. phew, that was a little scary and I was only wearing a life jacket all the way ๐Ÿ˜‰

A few days later after doing some research into local conditions a bit more intensively I decided to not tempt fate and try the river mouth again, so I decided to paddle upstream through the inner harbour and around an island then back into the main river and then back into the safe harbour, I looked up the tides and worked out the tide would not be coming in till later so I could time my paddle so as not to be pushed back upstream as before!

So I got up at sunrise, and again only wearing briefs I towed my kayak down to the inner harbour and launched my kayak, I paddled upstream until I was out of sight of the houses and then took off my briefs, I paddled around the back of the island until I came out onto the main river and paddled over to another island to check the beach out but it was too muddy on the shore to be bothered sunbaking on so I went back across to the first island and paddled slowly downstream taking in the views over the water and really enjoying being out in nature naked.

I went ashore on the island as I approached the start of the inner harbour break wall and put down my towel for a 45min early morning sunbake… as I was laying there I heard a person whistling…. looked upstream and I saw a stand-up paddle boarder coming towards me so I hastily covered my genitals with my towel just as he passed by, I waved and said “morning” and he replied with “yes great morning for it” I think he meant “it” being nude sunbaking? LOL

In all it was a leisurely 5km round trip paddle, and I set off about 6:30am and got back on dry land at about 9am just in time for breakfast when my wife and the kids were waking up… my wife is not a morning person and seldom gets up with me for a sunrise adventure ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

IMG_6607 IMG_6606

IMG_6590 IMG_6600

IMG_6588 IMG_6589

My next “Nudyaking” adventures are planned to be not done alone, I’m hoping to take my wife (and she’s already super keen) on a expedition up the river where I did my 11km paddle… perhaps not the full 11km but maybe just the 3km to my lunchtime skinny dipping spot.

Watch this space… Same Nudey-channel different Nudey-time ๐Ÿ˜‰

14 thoughts on “Nude Kayaking and Canoeing

  1. How do you go with biting flies and mozzies? I’m getting into kayaking in SE QLD and would definitely go nude if I was with a group or if I knew there wouldn’t be textiles around who might complain or hassle me. Much more fun to do it as a group thing though.

    • Bugs etc not a problem where I go… but I’m in NSW… would be much worse in the tropics so aerogurd or something stronger would be advisable… just don’t spray it on your sensitive bits!… I did that once when I was about 10 yrs old and sleeping naked on top of the sheets! burn baby burn! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      In regards getting seen, I always go when/where nobody is around… midweek/early morning/remote places ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • As far as I know it is the same as if you are on land etc, it’s based on whether or not it can be seen that you are naked…The law says something like It is an offence if genitalia is visible from a public place” I always cover up by either slipping my briefs on if close to me or draping them over my crotch if they are not that close when another boat etc passes.

    • It’s been awhile since I’ve taken my kayak out… but coming up this November my wife & I are staying at my cousin’s house up the far North Coast and he has a double kayak he said we can borrow.

  2. Enjoyed your story.
    Just yesterday I paddled Hinze Dam inland from the Gold Coast Australia. My first time paddling on the lake, absolutely no one else there. The entire lake was mine, so after a number of km’s exploring the flooded forests and inlets, I landed in a beach for a rest. It was so peaceful, quiet, the water was glass, birds were everywhere, and not another human to be seen or heard.
    So naturally I stripped off and had a swim, lunch, sunbathed, swam some more.
    When it was time to leave I remained nude except for my life jacket, and paddled back to the boat ramp. Had to put my shorts on behind a small islet near the ramp, but I managed to paddle around an hour naked. What a fantastic afternoon.

    • Awesome!… my wife & I were at Brunswick Heads week before last staying at my cousin’s house for a week and we took my cousins double kayak out on the creek which flows into Brunswick river…. We paddled up stream to the South and when we were out of sight of the road/houses etc I ripped off my briefs, my wife was not too keen to nude up but.

      Just as well my wife didn’t get nude as there was a few other kayak’s about and I quickly covered myself with my briefs as we passed them, then as we were heading back we came around a bend in the creek and there was two stand up paddle boarders right in front of us!

      I barely had time to cover myself and I’m quite sure they saw me nude as I heard them have chuckle after we passed them LOL

  3. We’ve been using rental kayaks, and are forced to stay in the general area of the rental shop. But we’re getting our own appropriate sit on tops soon. The goal is Lake Tahoe in the Sierra’s. There’s a great nude beach about five miles from the nearest launch point

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