Going Barefoot, Going Nude

Going barefoot can lead to being bare all over 🙂

Asian American Naturist


I have no data to support my claim, only observation and experience. But I’ve noticed that people who like to walk around barefoot were open to nude recreation.

I once knew young woman who liked to walk around barefoot. She would walk around the mall barefoot or around town barefoot. She liked to skinny dip and hang around the house naked. She even played pool nude with her friends.

Every naturist I’ve met does not like to wear shoes. Does not liking to wear shoes mean you’re a budding naturist? Maybe not. But all the people I’ve met who were naturists first started out going barefoot.

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How My Blog (Inadvertently) Changed Google for the Better

This is what all who are devoted to the non sexual lifestyle should do, the more we post non sexual items using “hijacked by the porn industry” Nudist/Naturist tags the better chance we have of diluting the Google searches which bring up porn results!

How My Blog (Inadvertently) Changed Google for the Better.