Winter Nude Solidarity

On Saturday the 15th of August I helped promote and organise a “Nude show of solidarity” at Birdie Beach which is a legal nude beach in Lake Munmorah National Park near Budgewoi North of Sydney on the Central Coast.

Birdie Beach map

What prompted this Winter nude beach day was due to Greg Best a councillor from the local Wyong Council putting forward a proposal to actively promote that there was in fact a legal nude beach in the district and up until now council had ignored it which was was inconsistent with other councils (Such as Port Stephens/Nelson Bay) who actively promote the existence of nude beaches in their area and thus derive tourism benefits from promotion.

Link to story:

Well this brought out the detractors of the proposal citing that the promotion of the beach would bring out “sex offenders” and “perverts” which lead to one of the opponents creating a petition to “reclaim the beach as a family freindly venue”

Link to online petition:

So we Nudeys decided to hold our own event and speak on radio and TV to get our side of the story across, Glen Donnelly who is aged in his late 20’s was chosen as the spokesperson as he had been interviewed by NBN TV as well as ABC radio before in relation to his music activities unrelated to to Nudism, so he had the media contacts to be able to get the story reported on quickly.

I created an event on my Australian Naturist News Facebook page and had a few people say they would attend with a few more saying maybe.

Link to event:

Glen was interviewed on Friday morning by ABC radio Central Coast, you can listen to the podcast here:

Then on Saturday I left my home in the Blue Mountains around 6:40AM (with 4 deg C temp! ) with the sun shining brightly and looking like it was going to be a great sunny Winters day…


I loaded my car up with my portable gas BBQ/folding table then on the way up the coast stopped off at a supermarket on the way and optimistically bought two trays of 22 sausages and 4 loaves of bread/paper plates/napkins and ice for the esky to keep the sausages cool.

Around 9AM as I approached the coastal fringes I saw the dark clouds gathering on the horizon but I forged on undeterred and arrived at the Birdie Beach carpark where Glenn/Michael and Stuart where waiting for me, The TV crew where setting up background shots around the beach area but soon came over to us and we headed off to the beach with another nudey Phil joining us as we hit the sand, then we walked the couple of hundred meters to the nude bathing section of the beach where the camera was set up ready for our nude 15mins of fame…

fiddler Fiddler2

The “Nude Fiddler” …. the only kind of “nude fiddling” that we will tolerate in public 😉

We were also joined by a last minute arrival of another nudey, Robbie who had come all the way from Rylstone (about 3 hours drive from the West)  to show his support, so that brought the total to 6 naked ambassadors!

They got us to disrobe and sprint up and down the beach and run into the surf while the TV camera rolled as well as a photographer from the local newspaper taking various photo’s…

IMG_0375 IMG_0384

          “Hmm, I hope they are getting my best side”

IMG_0385 IMG_0402

Bums on the run                                                       “I’m ready for my closeup” 

IMG_0403 IMG_0404

   “I know my keys are here somewhere!”

And here is the NBN TV news spot which went to air across the Central Coast on the nightime news on Saturday 15th August:

Despite the poor turnout from the Naturist side of things I think we came across very well, so hopefully we can organise future events at the beach in the warmer weather!

And from what we have heard since, Wyong Council is going to promote the beach proactively.

paper clipping

PS: after the filming myself/Glen and Michael retreated to Michael’s house and jumped in his nice warm spa to defrost our frozen toes 😉

Michael and Glen in the spa

“Come on in, those bubbles you see are the spa, not me.. honest!”

UPDATE: The local Central Coast Daily Telegraph published an article about our event on 18/08/2015


So keep watching my various Nudism outlets for details of future planned events.

Michael Connolly

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