Nude selfies

I was inspired by this article: by Homeclothesfree so on this page I am putting up nude “selfie” pictures I have mostly taken with my iphone in movie mode then taken screenshots, this way I can get multiple angles to choose the best picture or make photo collages.

Sometimes I have clipped my iPhone to a little tripod with flexible legs that allow me to wrap it around tree branches etc, but most of the time I lean the phone against some rocks etc.

Leap of faith

This is the very first selfie I took about 12 months ago, the Iphone was leant against a rock & in movie mode – it is from one of my lunchtime skinny dips & I decided to document my jump off a big rock into the waterhole, when I was a kid I used to almost live at this spot, used to camp there most weekends & skinny dipping every chance I got.
These days I am revisiting the area every lunchtime when it is hot, it’s a 10min drive from work then a 13 min jog through the bush jumping over logs & rock hopping to get there for a 10min skinny dip then run back to my car.

Slip sliding away...

Another from the same creek on a another lunchbreak, this time I’m sliding down the slippery rapids, iPhone was wedged into a rock shelf & in movie mode.


This series of pictures stitched together in frames is from one iPhone movie on a nude bushwalk I did on my work lunchbreak at the height of the Australian Winter in mid July 2013, the sun was shining brightly with the temps around 20C (68F) & yes we do have quite mild Winters!


Now this is my favourite selfie, it is taken with my iPhone clipped to my flexible tripod wrapped around a tree branch & the waterfall is in the Blue Mountains near Katoomba, Australia.

Sitting on a rock

Another one of ny favourites & is my avatar on Twitter, I captioned this on my Facebook news page

A still from archival footage of the elusive Nudeyman, long thought extinct from the river’s & streams in the Blue Mountains of Australia, recent warm weather has brought it out from it’s hibernation.

This exquisite creature can often be seen sunning itself on the warm rocks after a lunchtime skinny dip after it has crashed it’s way through the undergrowth for it’s much sought after daily ritual.

The territorial cry “NUDEEEEEEEE” is often heard echoing around the mountain gorges as this creature relaxes in the water


And here is my photoshop aged avatar.


This is from my skinny dip on the 12th of August 2013 when I declared the Aussie skinny dip season open on a very sunny 26c (78F) day.

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