Complex – Nudist Short Film

I have been involved since last November with a short 26 minute film project called “Complex – Nudist film” which is produced/directed/written by my good Friend Davo Hardy.

The synopsis of the film is below:


A bromance-style film, focusing on the cultural adaptability of two heterosexual men sharing an apartment. However, one of them happens to be a nudist.

This film explores the stigmas and social complexities of the socially-nude lifestyle when it meets with the conservative normality of the everyday person. This film also sets up both the protagonist and the antagonist as two heterosexual men; a rare yet potent dynamic for a film dealing with social issues. Naturally, they are influenced by the women in their lives too – but not always in a positive manner.

Plot outline
Psychology student Lachlan (Dan Monty) is in need of a flatmate. He is confronted by several very unsuitable applicants. When Travis (Tim Crowe) appears on the scene, he flounces in and makes himself at home with the nervous and neurotic Lachlan.
But it does not take long for Travis to find himself equally as shaken when Lachlan suddenly expresses his secret to Travis — that he is an outspoken nudist.
What ensues is a glimpse into the social standards, etiquettes and stigmas of naturism among young people in a contemporary urban setting.


The Facebook page is here:

And it even has it’s own IMDb page:

Complex poster

I have been helping Davo out on this short film by helping him promote it on Facebook on various Nudism pages and short film groups etc as well as on my Twitter account. Davo started up a crowd source funding page on Pozible with the aim of raising $1000 to pay actors $100 each and go towards other costs etc. we managed to get $1100.

Nudeyman manning the BBQ
Nudeyman manning the BBQ

I also appeared as a nude extra in the swimming pool scenes where I am seen attending to the sausages on the BBQ behind the actors as well as floating around the swimming pool in the background with my friend Phil who I have worked with as a paid extra on Network 10 Australia’s TV series “Puberty Blues”

Phil & I acting as floaters
Phil and I in the background as floaters

The next stage is the official premiere at an independent movie theatre chain in a suburb of Sydney, Davo organised the hiring of the theatre and needed at least 50 people to buy tickets at $10 each to pay for the hiring of the venue, which has reached 55 ticket sales via Paypal.

I am quite amazed at what has been achieved in such a short time and with no massive budget either, you quite often hear of struggling movie makers who have projects stall due to lack of funding or red tape from theatre’s etc.

Davo plans to try to get the film into various short film festivals’ around the country, Davo also has made other short films, of significance is “Bingo” which he made for the Focus On Ability Film Festival.

Bingo short film:

I worked with Davo back in 2012 on a short film project production called “Boy Toy” which follows the story of a hapless fellow with a “small problem” it was my very first time at having a go at acting and I loved it! I even managed to convince my boss at work to let us film a scene in the men’s bathroom LOL

Boy Toy short film:

The Complex short film is being premiered next Wednesday night the 5th of march at the Dendy movie theatre in Newtown, Sydney.

Dendy Theatre - Newtwon
Dendy Theatre Newtown

Dendy website:

Premiere event on Facebook:

I am really looking forward to the premiere next week! I will be keen to see what people think of the movie…. as well as seeing my naked bum on the big screen 🙂

Michael Connolly



The premiere at Newtown Dendy theatre was awesome, here is a link to a video shot on the night of interviews with cast and crew/extras… I appear at 5:20

And here is a link to behind the scenes footage/interviews with Davo Hardy and cast members.

Davo Hardy has submitted Complex to various shot film festivals in Australia and overseas… Wishing him all the best.

3 thoughts on “Complex – Nudist Short Film

  1. Imagine that, a media item about nudism that doesn’t concentrate on women! I hope it gets distributed in some way that allows plenty of us to see it.

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