Outdoor Exposure and Sunbeds as a Means of Producing Vitamin D

Vitamin D Experts Speak Out on Sunlight, I have always followed what I deem a sun-safe regime of tanning, I try to never overdo my sun exposure and cover up when I need to. Here is my article on tanning as well: https://nudeyman.com/tanning-nudeyman-style/

Just "D" Facts about Vitamin D

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” Why naturism is such a tough sell for our clothing restricted societies “

The battle against porn hijacking terms such as Nudist and Naturist is always uphill… but we must keep diluting the nude=sex message any way we can.

The Naked Truth.........


Is it any wonder that people have developed a negative view of naturism? It is nearly impossible to find any authentic positive information on naturist culture without seeing the overwhelming amount of trashy pornography on the web. The pornography industry intentionally creates a linkage between nudity and sex to make money and it is virtually impossible for naturists to overcome that label Even mainstream media helps to promote the false premise. Rarely are articles written in the UK that portray nudity in a positive way. Instead local readers receive a steady diet of naked people involved in outlandish, outrageous or seedy acts. The fact is that there is a great deal more about naturism than nakedness.

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With so many factors at work that promote the belief that nudity and sex go hand in hand, naturists continue to face an uphill battle in convincing the general public that traditional naturism…

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