WNBR Byron Bay & Nimbin 2019

This is my report on the two Northern Rivers World Naked Bike Rides I attended on the weekend of March 9-10 2019 #WNBR #ByronBay #Melbourne #Nimbin #Lismore #Sydney #Australia

For the third year in a row I drove from my house in the Blue Mountains to stay at my cousins house at Brunswick Heads near Byron Bay, I attended the WNBR at Nimbin on Saturday which went off without a hitch and had about 50 riders an

A few of my friends attended the Lismore WNBR on Sunday morning which had about 30 riders attend, however there was a lone police officer who put a stop to it and made them return back to the starting point to get dressed and leave!

The Byron Bay WNBR on the other hand had about 229 participants with full cooperation from police including flashing lights escort & they even blocked side streets to allow us to pass.

If the police there can cooperate and be accepting then why can’t Sydney & Melbourne as well as Lismore?
And look, no children were traumatized by seeing naked human bodies!
Please note: WNBR is not a Naturist/Nudist event as such but is a peaceful protest involving nudity or “Be as bare as you dare” it is intended to bring attention to the fact that bike riders are vulnerable users of the roads as well as encouraging people to ride bikes more to lessen fossil fuel usage.
A side effect of the WNBR is that it it projects a healthy self body image by getting naked in public and the general public is seeing non sexual nudity which goes a long way to changing stereotypes against non sexual nudity 🙂
And now for some pictures and video from WNBR Byron Bay….
Below is my considerably less high quality videos/pictures 🙂
Link to 30 min compilation of 16 GoPro videos (very shaky & squeaky at times but it’s raw and unedited)
Links to short GoPro video on Vimeo
Police at the start of the ride getting the rundown of the ride before they put their lights on and gave us a n escort out onto the main street of Byron 🙂
police 2
Police blocking entry to the main roundabout into Byron to allow us to pass
Police happily filming us as we pass
A child being held by his mother… Obviously not a stressful situation for the child
One of the many high fives by bystanders

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