Naturist Living Show podcast: Naked And Afraid + History of Aussie Nudism

In the audio podcast by The Naturist Living Show from Bare Oaks Naturist park in Canada which was released on Saturday, January 31, 2015, Stéphane Deschênes talks to Manu Toigo who was on the couples edition of Discovery Channels Naked And Afraid reality TV program.

Also on the podcast I give my thoughts on a TV documentary that went to air on Aussie TV in 1985 which documents the history of the bathing suit which culminates in the current day of 1985 that nudity was a part of Australian culture…

Naked and Afraid


Manu Toigo talks about her experience on Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid show. Plus a review of The Naked Peacock, Felicity on beauty pageants, Michael in Australia and more…

Link to Bare Oaks podcast page:

Still from “Neck To Knee To Nude” a TV documentary that went to air uncensored on Aussie TV in 1985
Neck To Knee

Link to documentary: TBA Hosting issues 😦

Transcript of my podcast section:

Hi and welcome to the second episode of Aussie Nudey News, I’m Michael Connolly aka Nudeyman and in this episode I wish to talk to you about the history of nudism in Australia.
Recently a TV documentary surfaced on YouTube and it was posted on Facebook by the program originally went to air in 1985, it is called “From Neck To Knee to Nude” and it’s all about the history of bathing in Australia and it documented the swimwear styles and fashions from the first fleet when it was often common for men to swim naked in Sydney Cove and then it traces right through all the years with bathing suits starting out covering everything then up through to the 60’s / 70’s and 80’s with the explosion of the bikini with more and more skin being revealed.
They even touched on topless equality..
(Audio of Topless girl)
Then onto the then present day of 1985 where nudity was portrayed as being the norm.
(Audio of naked hostess)
Now the young lady you just listened to is totally naked and there is absolutely no censorship of any kind, in other parts of the video in the background you can also see naked family groups frolicking on nude beaches etc.
Let’s have a listen to some more
(Audio of male host)
By the way they are talking in the video is talking it sounds like a nude utopia…. Quick someone build me a time machine!
Now I should also mention that around this time in Australia full frontal nudity on TV was very common after 8:30PM and this documentary is no exception full of nudity all uncensored, with the hostess reclining on the beach and calmly talking to the camera with no blurring of any body parts.
I was aged about 19 in 1985 and I clearly remember the prevalence of full frontal nudity on TV and even in my younger years aged about 10 or so my parents never stopped me watching anything, it was quite common to see nudity around that time on TV and we also had a topless page 3 girl in the daily newspaper.
Flash forward to 2015 and we have almost gone backwards, why? Well it’s a number of factors I feel… body image…. The anti-sun message, influences from overseas TV censorship, the fashion industry… modern technology such as smart phones… all these factors scares people off public nudity and also there are various family and children’s first lobby groups all this is trying to curtail nudity on TV and not forgetting we live in a multicultural society with various religions frowning on nudity so no wonder they don’t show too much skin on TV after 8:30PM.
But having said that we still show more nudity than American TV, it is still common to see bare breasts and in some programs, case in point a based on a true story crime drama called “Underbelly” but guess what? It’s not nonsexual nudity.. the actresses are usually engaged in some sex act.
So what’s the answer? Well some things ae slowly coming full circle, the Body Image Movement in Australia for example, Taryn Brumfit a mother of 3 from South Australia who was fed up being ashamed of her body and is now touring the world showing women that they can love their naked bodies.
She discovered the Sydney Skinny last year and found about how liberating it was to swim naked with other people… Um hello that’s what we Nudeys have been saying for years!
Now in regards the sun safe message, well slowly health organisations around the world are waking up to the fact that the “big bad evil sun causes cancer” message have been way to successful and everyone is living under a rock and not getting enough Vitamin D and in Australia they’ve even started advocating people getting some regular sunshine with a “D-Day” for Vitamin D from the sun.
So once again the Nudeys have been saying the same thing about the sun and it happens to be one of my passions, safe sun exposure, I wrote an article about it on my website “Sensible Tanning”
So eventually and hopefully if I’m still around to see it society will come full circle and relax about nudity again…. I’m dreaming… but hey you’ve got to have a dream!
Well that’s about it for my Aussie news today, hope you have enjoyed the show, there will be links in the show notes to items mentioned, so until next time stay nude…. Um except if you are in the northern Hemisphere BRRRRRR
Bye the way I’ve done this podcast from the top of a mountain today, I’m out in the sun it’s about 20 degrees at 8:30 in the morning , and I’m about to go for a nude hike, … have a good one.

Links to items mentioned.
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From Neck To Knee To Nude TV program from 1985 in Australia:
Underbelly TV series:
Body Image Movement (BIM):
Sydney Skinny Nude Swim:
My article about the irony of the BIM “finding out nudity is good for you”
Article about Aussies not getting enough sunshine:
Article advocating sunbaking:
My article about safe tanning:


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