Going viral on social media without even trying

On the morning of 27th April on my Australian Naturist News Page I posted a picture which was linked through from the All Nudist website promoting World Naked Gardening Day on the 3rd of May, almost straight away I noticed it was getting a lot of interest with a lot of shares etc.

Then later that day on Twitter I noticed All Nudist exclaiming in surprise that suddenly his old WordPress page allnudist.wordpress.com was getting an enormous amount of traffic which seemed to be coming through from Facebook… he was stumped because he no longer had a active Facebook presence!

All Nudist


I soon figured out what had happened… I was subscribed to the old website allnudist.wordpress.com instead of allnudist.com and I had just shared the link that came into my email 🙂

WNGD viral post

I am still shaking my head at how viral the posting went! as I type this on the 6th May the amount of new views has petered off and is currently at 857,088, that’s quite incredible when you think about it…. to get anywhere near that sort of penetration on social media you would have to pay many thousands and I managed to somehow do it for free! LOL

Fingers crossed it translates to more likes on my news page 😉

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