Sydney Nude Bowling

Sydney Nude Tenpin Bowling Night Friday 6th November 2015.

This is a relaunched event from back in February when it was first proposed… However due to clashes with the Sydney Skinny and other nude events in Sydney around the same time there was not much of a response.

I personally know the organiser of this event and have met him several times and even worked on a Nudist short film with him so I can vouch for his authenticity, it is not a club organised event but is organised by a Nudey who decided to get something organised.

It is a nonsexual nudity event, if you are after sexual hookups then don’t even bother reading any further because this is not the event for you!

NOTE: MARKING YOURSELF AS ATTENDING ON THIS PAGE OR ON THE FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE MEANS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Only those who pay for their tickets in advance will be attending on the night.

“Calling all nudists of Sydney, surrounds and those willing to travel to Sydney. Brisbane and Melbourne both run naked tenpin bowling events, so now it is Sydney’s turn.

I have secured space at a Sydney bowling alley to host a nude event. Eight lanes are being blocked off and blacked out from the rest of the centre to ensure privacy.

There are only 64 spots available and these will go to the first 64 who pay for their spots. It really is first in, best UNdressed. Tickets are $60 each.

The arrangement is for unlimited games for three hours from 8pm to 11pm, and at 8 people per lane, we should get through two games fairly easily. Shoe hire is included but of course bring your own socks and a towel to sit on.

Platters of finger food will be served to all lanes including pizza portions, fish bites, mini gourmet pies, calamari rings, chicken satay skewers and prawn money bags, with anything else able to be purchased directly. One drink of choice is included, and any more can be purchased from a bar as you require”

Any questions and to request an invite, send an email to sydnudebowling[AT]

Official Facebook event: CLICK HERE

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