Nudity, Censorship and Discrimination

Great essay on Facebook censorship #FacebookMustChange

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Imagine you are a gay man or woman happily married to someone of the same sex. To celebrate your love, you post a vacation photo with your significant other, kissing on the beach. None of your friends or family members object to the image, because they have known you and your spouse for many years, and they are accepting of your relationship. Except, of course, for Uncle Fred. Uncle Fred is a Bible-thumping evangelist, and he strongly opposes gay unions. For him, homosexuality is wrong. What’s more, Fred believes that the sight of two men kissing is harmful to his children. They might get the wrong idea, he argues. God forbid, his kids might even turn gay! So Fred contacts Facebook, marking your content as inappropriate. You are hence banned from Facebook for a week. In addition, you are told that if you post such an offensive image again, your…

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Nudity, Censorship and Discrimination

And yet, Facebook continues to discriminate against a minority group. Naturists were once treated with the same level of condemnation and hostility as the LGBT community. Like social lepers, early nudists lived as outcasts, in the most isolated parts of the country, and were subject to police raids and arrests, even when their activities were hidden behind closed doors. Most naturists I know do not tell people what they do on weekends. Many of us live in a state of worry (I know I do) over how we might be judged. I have met people who traveled outside the country just to be free of clothing, yet refuse to visit the club a mile from their house for fear of being discovered. I have known people who have lost their jobs because of their online naturist profiles. But while acceptance of the LGBT community continues to grow, naturists remain marginalized and misrepresented. By acting on our beliefs, we risk placement on the Sex Offender Registry List,

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Tyagarah lake, Australia

I checked this lake out last Sunday morning, and now this article pops up 🙂

Active Naturists

Tyagarah Lake is located in Northern New South Wales, Australia, about a 30 drive minutes from well known Byron Bay (and the very popular naturist spot Kings Beach). It is a picturesque small freshwater lake just minutes from the beach. A much larger lake is across the road next it but this is swampy and inaccessible.

view 0002 Tyagarah lake, New South Wales, Australia

Tyagarah Lake is a popular spot for locals and not a known tourist spot, as it’s off the main highway, on a dirt road and not near any towns.  But it is still easy to get to: turn off the Pacific Highway onto Greys Lane and follow it as it turns into a dirt road on the way to Tyagarah Nature reserve beach. Before you make it to the beach you will see cars parked on the road.

view 0005 Tyagarah lake, New South Wales, Australia

Look for the Tyagarah Nature reserve signs to find the path in.  It’s only a very…

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World Naked Bike Ride – Byron Bay 2017

Well, this weekend I’m headed out on a road trip…. I’m driving over 9 hours in my petrol powered automobile to participate in a bicycle ride that had its origins as a protest against fossil fuel use… Am I being a hypocrite?

Well seeing as there’s no nearer WNBR to me as the Sydney one can’t get police approval (threats of arrest are real) if I flew by plane it would use a lot more fuel than my 4 cylinder car would anyway.

Besides the mission has changed a little these days and now the emphasis is on raising awareness of bike safety to point out how vulnerable bike riders are as well as to show body diversity and body acceptance… Or just an excuse to get naked 😉

Here’s an article about the Byron Bay as well as Nimbin & Lismore rides this weekend.

I’m planning on doing a few live Facebook videos (have to be careful where I point my camera!) as well as having a GoPro camera running on my bike, so watch this space!

Trading in Your Bathing Suit for your Birthday Suit: 10 Things to Do Naked with Your Spouse this Summer

My wife & I manage most of these…. She doesn’t call herself a Naturist but really enjoys getting naked with me, not into social nudity with others that’s all.

Clothing Optional Trips

Image from Image from

Have you ever spent the day naked with your spouse? I’m not talking about laying in bed all day or taking a shower together naked. I’m talking about spending the day, as in outside, doing things together in the buff.

Sound crazy? It might if you’ve never been to a nude resort, campground or beach. I spent all day with my wife naked at a local nudist camp this past weekend.  It was wonderful. We laid out in the sun, we went skinny dipping in the pool, we ate lunch together, we went on a hike and we talked with other couples enjoying the day the same way we were.

We laughed. We napped. We relaxed. And we did it all naked, outside on a sunny, warm day. In the nearly three years I’ve been writing this blog, by far and away the most asked question that brings visitors…

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Middle Head Master Plan Meeting – 13 September 2016.

Interesting read, and yesterday they released an update on the survey results where they published comments submitted in the survey and several mentions of clothing optional… So despite the apparent dismissal of beach users in the meeting on the 13th which this article is about the NPWS has still made public the opinions of those that filled out the survey… Hopefully that’s enough… I’ve informed the Sydney Skinny of this so hopefully they will lobby in the background as they are a major stakeholder too..

Mates of Middle Head

The presentation was hosted by the NPWS, and focused on the plans the NPWS would like to implement on the Middle Head area. The meeting was held by invitation only to registered persons and groups interested in the Master plan. The following people presented the Master Plan:

·    Peter HAY – NPWS Regional Manager – Metro NE;

·    Stuart McMAHON – NPWS Community Engagement Officer;

·    Adam HUNTER – Director at Environmental Partnership & Andersen Hunter Horne;

·    NPWS – planning officers and others, including Mari KOECK; and

·    Sydney Harbour Trust officers.

Mari KOECK opened the presentation and gave an overview of the results of the public questionnaire that closed in Jun 2016.

Major Issues raised by the respondents were:

·    Bushland/Environment

·    Flora/Fauna

·    Views

·    Heritage – indigenous and military

·    Beaches

About 830 submissions submitted with 27%…

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It’s time nudists got real about sex: conditions apply.

This piece written by my friend Glen Donnelly (who I have met personally) highlights something that I have been thinking about for awhile  myself, that is some of us in the Naturist lifestyle become somewhat religious about the “Nudism is not about sex” mantra….

I have been guilty in the past about this myself which lead people to perceive me as someone who never has sex or dirty thoughts…. This was the case at work a few years ago
when a female work colleague who happens to be a home Nudist was surprised to hear me swear.

She thought that because I always preached the “No sex I’m a Nudist” message that I was also a religious person!

I was taken aback by this and along with other thoughts and incidents about how the nude lifestyle is seen by some caused me to change my outlook….

Now for a confession, I enjoy sex and have had sex outdoors!…. However,  there was no way my wife and I could have been seen as we were in a very remote location off the beaten track and we would have heard anyone approaching and we would have covered up.

In the beginning of my relationship with my wife we used to go on many nude hikes and skinny dips in the mountains and inevitably my wife used to get amorous and provided we were in a secluded location, we would engage in some love making… However I used to feel guilty about this and it affected things so to speak as I had this thing in the back of my mind that “Nudists don’t have sex” which was very silly I now see in hindsight.

Recently the Australian Sex Party took up the campaign to legalise a nude beach in Queensland which rasied the hackles of some Naturists as they felt that by accepting the help of the Sex Party we would make people think we are all about sex.

Well I felt the same way not that long ago until I had my change of heart, but now I see things in a  different light and feel that while yes the name of the Sex Party does certainly put sex in your mind (why couldn’t they call it the Lifestyle Party or something!) I also feel that if Nudism is going to become more mainstream we need all the help we can get!

In the same way that GLBTxyz?? movement has made so many inroads into mainstream society… And guess what? they have sex too!

The important thing we need to stress is that while we may engage in sex we NEVER do so in a public place, it may be legal to be naked in public on a legal nude beach, but nowhere is it legal to have sex in public!

Anyway, have a read of what Glen has to say in his article which is written from his much younger point of view and then let me know your opinion…

Article: It’s time nudists got real about sex.







Spencer Tunick blue nude shoot report: Sea of Hull: ‘Why I Got Naked & Blue with Three Thousand People’

“The naked story behind Tunick’s blue paint

Over three thousand people had gathered together in Queen’s Gardens in the northern city of Hull before dawn that morning. I’d crossed the grass with an inadvertent posse: composed of my London flatmate and a few other guests from our hotel, it also included one middle-aged man who’d been a naturist for years and his jovial friend who’d already been in thirteen different naked photoshoots all around the world.

Yet this particular project was different to most. Commissioned by the Ferens Art Gallery in Hull as part of the city’s status as the UK’s Capital of Culture in 2017, the American photographer Spencer Tunick had been invited to create his unique brand of live installation art.

Famous for his mass naked photoshoots, Tunick’s plan for Hull was to draw on the city’s maritime history – and he needed a few thousand naked bodies to do it.”

READ MORE: Sea Of Hull: Why I Got Naked & Blue with Three Thousand People