Facebook “Community Standards”

Recently my Facebook news page http://www.facebook.com/australiannaturistnews had a picture removed by Facebook with the advisory “your picture breached community standards blah blah blah, please remove any other pictures of this nature”, they did not penalise me with a timeout in the sin bin, probably because it was a first offence.

The picture in question was a photo from behind of myself after I was body painted at the Samurai Beach Nude Picnic held on the 6th of April 2013.

Then they hit me again, this time for a few pictures of me under a waterfall/naked next to a canoe/on a beach from a distance… all the pictures displayed my butt!

Facebook Jail

There has been a few cases on FB lately of Nudism pages having pictures removed & penalty time outs etc for committing the cardinal sin of showing a naked human butt crack, for crying out loud! quite often on daytime TV (in Australia at least) you will see nude human bottoms, I know I have seen it on several occasions myself when a midday movie has been playing.

What really annoyed me about this situation was the fact that I found a picture of a group sex act on a friends timeline back in December 2012, it came up on my phone when one of my kids was about to log my FB account off & use theirs… I got the “Dad… what are you looking at?????” I then reported the picture, but Facebook advised me it did not breach the standards, I sent feedback to the effect that it was porn & is totally unacceptable!

I then went on a crusade & reported it about 10 times… each time FB came back with the same answer, I took screen shots for future posterity as you will see below…

This picture I discovered on a friends timeline with penis/vagina on full display.

This picture I discovered on a friends timeline with penis/vagina on full display.

Screenshot of FB support dashboard showing amount of times the picture was reported.

Screenshot of FB support dashboard showing amount of times the picture was reported.

I kinda forgot about the porn pic for a few months until my butt crack picture got removed, I then reported the pic again & added some feedback that I had a pic removed as my butt was showing yet this full on porn pic had been reported countless times with out removal.guess what??? they removed the porn pic!!!

Facebook finally removed the porn pic after I had a rant about community standards...

Facebook finally removed the porn pic after I had a rant about community standards…

This is what I said to FB in response to a picture I found on a friends timeline: “I have been trying to have the picture removed for some time as it depicted a sexual act, with penis & vagina showing fully with the act of penetration in progress I have reported it over 10 times I think but each time it was not removed…I personally had a picture removed due to my bare backside was visible, yet this full on pornographic picture was not removed!! (until now)
FB needs to reassess what it considers pornographic imagery, a simple photo of someones backside/other body part with no sexual assertions should not be removed!”

I know it’s been said before, but I’ll say it again anyway, Facebook needs to change the way it censors pictures, better judgements need to be made… by human eyes & a non sexual picture of a butt crack or a female nipple should not be considered offensive or pornagraphic in nature.

Michael Connolly



10 thoughts on “Facebook “Community Standards”

  1. You are complaining about your photos being censored, while at the same time you are actively trying to censor someone else. What do you hope to accomplish except to reinforce Facebook’s culture of snitching and removing? We should be striving for less censorship, not more. There are always double standards, that’s the nature of things, but to engage in behavior against others that you feel is unjust when directed against you is beating yourself over the head with your own stick.

    • Well at least mines not pornagraphic, yes it would be nice if FB was like Twitter but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

      I wrote this to point out the double standards non sexual nudity v porn

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    • Yes but the trouble is FB has such a monopoly on social media and it is so interwoven into life now, also that’s the social network with greatest audience for us to get the word out, on Nudism websites & blogs etc we are preaching to the converted, so we need to advertise our sites … a lot of Nudey pages are moving away from FB being their major outlet and focussing on Twitter/Tumblr etc.

  3. I agree with you Michael. A naked butt if far from being pornography. I also find it concerning that Chet uses the comparison in relation to censorship. The act of sex graphically portrayed is not something I believe children should be exposed to. There is nothing sexual about a naked but unless it is a pose that explicitly exposes a persons anus or genitals in a sexual manor.

    • Yes indeed, studies have been done that conclude that there is no harm for a child to see non-sexual nudity, yet it has been proven that if a child see’s a sexual act they will copy that act and children having sex at an immature age is not healthy.

  4. Yes, I also got on Facebook jail for about five days for posting a video of young nudists on the group The Naturist Page. https://vimeo.com/34720636 – that video link got removed from that group and I also got a message that my account got permanently deleted! I also had some five non-nude pics removed supposedly for “sexual displays” or “sexual solicitations”! Those pics aren’t even sexual! So, I’m glad to have had an opportunity to appeal the decision and now my account is back, yet I am not allowed to post, like, poke, private message, or share anything until five more days! Facebook does have porn, though, and yet that is allowed. I see how violence, war, rape, abuse, blood, and abuse are posted on the Facebook site yet those aren’t deleted! How can a butt crack be removed, if a butt is not a sex organ at all? Once last year for posting a nudist video on a now-defunct group “Christian Nudist” it got removed but I’ve posted it on other nudist groups and it hasn’t gotten reported or deleted. I posted a picture of a nudist couple with a message that naked bodies are not lewd on a page I manage, this world needs to be nude-friendly, and the pic got removed and was on FB jail for 24 hours! Facebook’s policy on nudity is inconsistent and needs to change – we all have naked bodies and there’s nothing wrong with that. As for breasts, butts, they aren’t sex organs, we all have them too. Apparently nude art displays or breastfeeding photos are allowed but they get deleted too. What’s ridiculous is that even the Facebook staff doesn’t follow those strict guidelines. However, I post naked cartoons and a few displays of nude art uncensored (which aren’t porn), and they are not reported or deleted. We can always petition to have the nudity policy change. Nudity is nothing wrong, Facebook needs to change.

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