Battling Goliath – Nudey Wars

There seems to be a never ending battle against censorship on a certain social network… Let’s call it from now on by it’s Latin name faciem liber (or should we called it “Fascist No Liberty”? ) now this particular social network has of late been removing Nudism pages, then on appeal sometimes if they are lucky they will be reinstated, but a few have been totally removed, never to be seen again, for what? the cardinal sin of showing a nipple or a butt cheek, or even for “hate speech” with no explanation…

Nudeyman's butt... offensive to the community

Nudeyman’s butt… offensive to the community

My article on “Community Standards”

In my Australian Naturist News page’s case I have been lucky to only suffer a 24hr suspension so far, I have changed my page to 18+ (and lost about 100 likes when I did it) as well as using plenty of censorship to cover the offensive bits.

Censorship sucks!

“Censorship sucks, let’s run into the water & wash these banners off!”

Other pages have not been so lucky, in no particular order we have:

Terra Cotta Inn has been banned/removed/reinstated and Tom the owner has been banned for 30 days.

All-Nudist has had pictures removed, been banned for various times and the last time was 30 days for posting a link to an article about nude Yoga on his website with the link still up!

The Naturist Page, banned, had his page removed, started again, then banned and has now abandoned faciem liber for Twitter.

Felicity Jones from Young Naturist’s America has fallen foul many a time and she has created a page to display the banning’s.

Stéphane Deschênes from Bare Oaks Naturist Resort in Canada has had paid advertising request’s denied as well mentioning the censorship a few times on his podcast the Naturist Living Show.

NUSA, been banned, had time out’s, page removed and started again.

Spencer Tunic has copped his fair share of angst as well.

Plus I’m sure many many more I’m not aware of… as well as the countless breast feeding, body painting, artistic nudity pages….

Various page owners, including myself have pointed out the double standards on faciem liber with non sexual Nudey pages getting hit, yet overt sexual pages brazenly flout the regulations despite being reported multiple times by many people, yes it has been pointed out that we are just as bad as those reporting the non sexual pages, but the thing is our pages are not pornographic!

Recently I tried to take out a paid advertisement on faciem liber, yes sounds hypocritical but I have in the past used the “boost post” function as well as the paid advertisement campaign with great success, in fact last year I promoted the Sydney Skinny event which resulted in my pages event I created taking over from the official pages event (oops) but the promoter of the event (Nigel Marsh) who I met in person during the Sydney Skinny was not worried that I had “stole his thunder” in fact he shook my hand and thanked me for helping out, anyway back to the paid ad I attempted, the post in question was from the Body Image movement which was founded by Taryn Brumfit and she had a wonderful image of two breast cancer sufferers at the 2014 Sydney Skinny…

Sydney Skinny 2014 breast cancer survivors

Sydney Skinny 2014 breast cancer survivors

Link to original post on the Body Image page:

I wrote an article about the Body Image Movement here:

Now when I attempted to promote the item for $10 maximum it was denied as it was advertising “adult products or services”



I appealed against the decision and said this:

“Why was my ad denied as being an ad for adult products or service l when it is not?
The picture is of two women who are breast cancer sufferers who have each lost one breast & the other unaffected breasts have had the nipple censored to remain within f$#%^^&** guidelines.
F********** allows photos’ of breast cancer survivors as long as no nipples are shown.

The advertisement also contains links to an article about the Body Image Movement: which is an organisation devoted to improving self body image & in no way is connected with adult products or services.

If F***^^&&%$ can prove to me it is an adult product or service I will not try to pursue this any further and will instead promote the item on Twitter or some other social media outlet with less restrictive policies.

Thank you

Please paste the URL of the ad that wasn’t approved below:
Your Post wasn’t boosted because it violates F**********’s ad guidelines by advertising adult products or services, including toys, videos or sexual enhancement products. The post remains published, but it is not running as an ad”

The reply I got back was:

Reply from them

Reply from them

So I replied back to them requesting it be escalated back up to the next inline supervisor… I won’t be holding my breath 😦

My reply

My reply

So this is a call to action to all non sexual nudity pages, not only Naturist or Nudist pages, we need all the breast feeding, artistic nudity, body painting, body image, or any other page that feels it has been mistreated to stand-up and demand to have the “Community Standards” changed!

I have been using the hashtag

The social network who must not be named must change!

The social network who must not be named must change!

on every post I make about censorship as well as using #freethenipple where appropriate, we really need to band together and get people talking!

Michael Connolly

PS: I have avoided naming the network as it doesn’t like negative articles about it, as well the shortened URL’s have the network in the link or go to that network… we may even be able to promote this article without them censoring it automatically 😉


9 thoughts on “Battling Goliath – Nudey Wars

  1. This is a very good compilation of some of the abuses that the unnamed social network has been committing for years. The problems we all have with that entity are somewhat compressed and focused on a relatively few nudist/naturist Pages, and therefor have a greater impact on the ability of our community to get the word out.

    We have about a hundred and fifty legitimate nudist/naturist Pages listed on our website’s collection of Pages, and there may be a couple hundred more. Nonetheless, almost NONE of those Pages ever post anything; they’re static and therefore immune. The dozen or so regular content providers are easily singled out by anyone seeking to cause problems, and the social network is only to happy to oblige. That makes it dangerous to actually USE the ‘networking’ aspect that we’re there for! The more a Page is appreciated and shared, the more likely it will fall into the notice of prudes. The more ‘likes’, comments’, and ‘shares’, the more likely a Page will be reported. Catch-22.

    As you point out, for some obscure reason porn is left untouched when reported yet a buttock or breast can close a Page forever. OUR opinion is that the censors LIKE the porn and, unable to read the text accompanying legitimate postings, choose to ban the good stuff while bookmarking the porn for personal use! We’re guessing there’s a quota system for censors; justify your job by banning SOMETHING. Think not? Prove us wrong!

    What it comes down to is that we’re a minuscule part of a gigantic corporation which couldn’t care less about us. When that service has 999,990,000 people who disapprove of us and nudity in any form, we’re screwed. Their censors are there to keep that billion happy, not to promote free speech. The bottom line, the ONLY line, is money. And we’re not worth a dime.

    But we’ll keep on trying!

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    • Unlikely anytime soon, Happy Bare. They irritate a tiny portion of their membership and have a huge advantage over anyone attempting to usurp them. G+ has tried and is failing miserably. Just as Google OWNS the ‘search’ market (and a lot more) and others make efforts to challenge them, an established and incredibly wealthy corporation is most likely to withstand challenges by underfunded and technically disadvantaged usurpers. The unnamed social service discussed here is here to stay, though it may evolve for financial reasons. Our hope is to cause them to reconsider what their market wants to see.

      • I don’t know. It seems that young people have already abandoned FB, and I certainly see a lot of disinterest in it from my older FB friends. I would say that less than 10% of my FB friends post more than once a month. There are countless big virtual corporations that have floundered and that will happen to FB too if they don’t smarten up. If all it takes is one note from a competitor of yours to have one of your photos, or entire site, to be punished, I do not think that’s a viable way to run a business. OK maybe conservative America is not ready for nudity, but lots of others are. I can tell that FB is an important source of viewers to you for your site. Are there not other avenues? Is this not one? Maybe, just maybe, FB actually has no clothes on at all.

        I saw a curious thing this past week with my stats. Visitors to my site (Happy Bare) increased by 400% in one day, then by 600% the next, FB referred the lion’s share of these visitors. However, it was all in the stats, there was no dramatic increase in likes or in comments, so…. what did that mean? I’m curious to hear your take on this. HB.

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