Nude bushwalk in the lower Blue Mountains

This area used to be my childhood haunt & I’ve been revisiting it again lately, took my wife Nudey camping there back in November

fat canyoners

Party: T2, May, Sierra, Tully, Kristian, Sean, Gary, Ray, Natalie, Daniel, Chris, Sam, Siang, Tim, Awen and Jason

– Trip report by Sierra:

Meet at 9:30am at Glenbrook Station. Sierra thinks she is the only female, but then come two more down the road from the toilets, so it’s alright. Kevin of the Bankstown Bushwalkers starts chatting with us. T2 tries to drop names, but can’t remember the names he is trying to drop, so ends up saying things like “that middle aged woman who abseils” and “that young, mid to late twenty year old guy”, and “that guy whose name I can’t remember who came on a trip with me a couple of years ago”. Somehow Kevin managed to guess some of the people’s names, and, despite the poor clue giving, was still engaged by T2’s ‘Guess Who’ style game.

Gary, dismounts his large white van, already shirtless and ready for a day…

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5 thoughts on “Nude bushwalk in the lower Blue Mountains

  1. I attended the fat canyoners walk and noticed your comment. The fat canyoners only do a nude walk once or twice a year but I would like to do more. I know quite a few on the group enjoyed it too and would love to do more. If u are heading out in spring and want some company I’d love to join you. I have sent you my email address in the “follow” pop up window. Happy to forward phone details via email communication. Tim

    • Hi Tim, I’ve met the other Tim once when I was returning from one of my lunchbreak walks up the gorge and he has let me know a couple of times now when the Fat Canyoner crew have been going on a walk… but alas each time has coincided with a weekend when I have my kids (they wouldn’t want to come anyway) or my wife & I have arranged something, so my opportunities are on an ad-hoc/spur of the moment basis and last minute, but I’ll see what I can do.

      • I understand. Not always easy for me to get away too, but if u do plan a trip maybe send me a an SMS. My number is [removed] and if I can make it I’ll hop in the car and come and join u.

        When did you bump into Tim? Was it on a walk near the glenbrook entry to the national park? E walk we went on was AT&T the end of that road.

        Sent from my iPad


      • No Tim was walking along the Nepean river from Leonay towards Glenbrook Creek and I was returning, it was midweek.

        PS: I removed your phone number after first making a note of it.


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