5 thoughts on “Nude bushwalk in the lower Blue Mountains

  1. I attended the fat canyoners walk and noticed your comment. The fat canyoners only do a nude walk once or twice a year but I would like to do more. I know quite a few on the group enjoyed it too and would love to do more. If u are heading out in spring and want some company I’d love to join you. I have sent you my email address in the “follow” pop up window. Happy to forward phone details via email communication. Tim

    • Hi Tim, I’ve met the other Tim once when I was returning from one of my lunchbreak walks up the gorge and he has let me know a couple of times now when the Fat Canyoner crew have been going on a walk… but alas each time has coincided with a weekend when I have my kids (they wouldn’t want to come anyway) or my wife & I have arranged something, so my opportunities are on an ad-hoc/spur of the moment basis and last minute, but I’ll see what I can do.

      • I understand. Not always easy for me to get away too, but if u do plan a trip maybe send me a an SMS. My number is [removed] and if I can make it I’ll hop in the car and come and join u.

        When did you bump into Tim? Was it on a walk near the glenbrook entry to the national park? E walk we went on was AT&T the end of that road.

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      • No Tim was walking along the Nepean river from Leonay towards Glenbrook Creek and I was returning, it was midweek.

        PS: I removed your phone number after first making a note of it.


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