Is nude rude?

Absolutely ludicrous!!

30 and beyond



[noo-di-tee, nyoo-]

noun, plural nu·di·ties for 2.
1.the state or fact of being nude; nakedness.
2.something nude or naked.

Being nude or naked (because they really do mean the same thing) is something that all people can say hand on heart that they do on a daily basis. Not only that, we all came into this world naked, legs akimbo. Growing up, nakedness is a regular occurrence for children; bath time, when it’s too hot for clothes, when you tip an entire carton of juice down yourself, when you get told “for gods sake, just put your pants on”…and that is just the start.  I don’t have children but I have been a parent. A step parent to be exact, many years ago now and I remember nakedness being a massive feature in our house. Little Legs was 2 when I met her and was still in…

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