World Naked Bike Ride Byron Bay 2017

Well, this weekend I’m headed out on a road trip…. I’m driving about 12 hours in my petrol powered automobile to participate in a bicycle ride that had its origins as a protest against fossil fuel use… Am I being a hypocrite?

Well seeing as there’s no nearer WNBR to me as the Sydney one can’t get police approval (threats of arrest are real) if I flew by plane it would use a lot more fuel than my 4 cylinder car would anyway.

Besides the mission has changed a little these days and now the emphasis is on raising awareness of bike safety to point out how vulnerable bike riders are as well as to show body diversity and body acceptance… Or just an excuse to get naked ūüėČ

Here’s an article about the Byron Bay as well as Nimbin & Lismore rides this weekend.


I’m planning on doing a few live Facebook videos (have to be careful where I point my camera!) as well as having a GoPro camera running on my bike, so watch this space!

UPDATE: my report on how it all went down…

So next time I go away to Byron Bay I think I had better plan things better before driving 875KM to attend a bike ride around the streets of Byron¬†ūü§Ē

1) Take a helmet… On the morning of the event I was at the beach and met another attendee and he said “did you bring a bike helmet?… Doh! So then I raced down to Ballina (30KM drive) to get a helmet….. Turns out not many people had helmets anyway¬†ūüė¨

2) Make sure the bike tyres are in a good state, I had pumped up the tyres a month before the ride and the front was a little low but when I pumped it up before leaving home it seemed ok and was low again when I got to Byron so I pumped it up again on the morning of the ride and thought “She’ll be right mate” However 10mins before the start it was dead flat, so as everyone was assembling to start the ride I pumped it up again with my electric pump… Then 5mins later it was flat so I had to push it around the streets (that’s the rattling/flapping noise in the video.

But it was a fantastic day… thousands of people filled the streets with their camera phones pointed at the 240 or so riders/skateboarders/walkers as we did two laps of Byron Bay township.

I not once saw an angry or offended face and no children where harmed by seeing naked bodies.

There was a great diversity of people there, old/young large/small all celebrating the freedom and even the cars trying to get through the streets gave way to cyclists which was the main aim of the event to draw attention to the fact that bikes are vulnerable.

Looking forward to the next one on Sunday 11th March 2018!

Link below to GoPro video filmed from my bikes handlebars… I pushed my bike two laps around the Byron Bay streets around with a flat front tyre ūüė¶


Links to live Facebook videos I posted to my Naturist news page:



It‚Äôs time nudists got real about sex: conditions apply.

This piece written by my friend Glen Donnelly¬†(who I have met personally) highlights something that I have been thinking about for awhile¬†¬†myself, that is some of us in the Naturist lifestyle become somewhat religious about the “Nudism is not about sex” mantra….

I have been guilty in the past about this myself which lead people to perceive me as someone who never has sex or dirty thoughts…. This was the case at work a few years ago
when a female work colleague who happens to be a home Nudist was surprised to hear me swear.

She thought that because I always preached the “No sex I’m a Nudist” message that I was also a religious person!

I was taken aback by this and along with other thoughts and incidents¬†about how the nude lifestyle is seen by some¬†caused¬†me to change my outlook….

Now for a confession, I enjoy sex and have had sex outdoors!…. However, ¬†there was no way my wife and I could have been seen as we were in a very remote location off the beaten track and we would have heard anyone approaching and we would have covered up.

In the beginning of my relationship with my wife we used to go on many nude hikes and skinny dips in the mountains and inevitably my wife¬†used to get amorous and provided we were in a secluded location, we would engage in some love making… However I used to feel guilty about this and it affected things so to speak as I had this thing in the back of my mind that “Nudists don’t have sex” which was very silly I now see in hindsight.

Recently the Australian Sex Party took up the campaign to legalise a nude beach in Queensland which rasied the hackles of some Naturists as they felt that by accepting the help of the Sex Party we would make people think we are all about sex.

Well I felt the same way not that long ago¬†until I had my change of heart, but now I see things in a ¬†different¬†light and feel that while yes the name of the Sex Party does certainly put sex in your mind (why couldn’t they call it the Lifestyle Party or something!) I also feel that if Nudism is going to become more mainstream we need all the help we can get!

In the¬†same way that GLBTxyz?? movement has made so many inroads into mainstream society… And guess what? they have sex too!

The important thing we need to stress is that while we may engage in sex we NEVER do so in a public place, it may be legal to be naked in public on a legal nude beach, but nowhere is it legal to have sex in public!

Anyway, have a¬†read of what Glen has to say in his article which is written from his much younger point of view and then let me know your opinion…

Article: It’s time nudists got real about sex.







Charting The Rise Of Nude Fitness

I was interviewed about nude hiking/bushwalking for this article which was published in the Body+Soul health magazine supplement in the Australian Sunday Telegraph in September 2014 and circulated nationwide, it was also mentioned on the CH10 night time talk show The Project 991797-nude-fitness

“THEY’RE hiking in the Aussie bush, swimming Sydney Harbour and doing the downward-facing dog in yoga studios. These intrepid fitness and adventure enthusiasts have joined a growing global trend of clothing-optional recreational pursuits. So what makes exercise in the nude so appealing? While supporters of the concept talk about feeling free and “at one with nature”, all of them stress that a less-dressed lifestyle has nothing to do with sex. “Being naked is emancipating,” Nigel Marsh, founder and organiser of the annual Sydney Skinny nude swimming event in Sydney Harbour, says. “It strips life back to its essentials, forces you to accept your real self and shake off the shackles modern society so often puts on us.” The Australian Naturist Federation agrees, saying: “Relaxing nude is more relaxing than being clothed, as you literally strip away all cares and pretensions of daily life.” READ MORE: