Nude bushwalk in the lower Blue Mountains


This area used to be my childhood haunt & I’ve been revisiting it again lately, took my wife Nudey camping there back in November

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Party: T2, May, Sierra, Tully, Kristian, Sean, Gary, Ray, Natalie, Daniel, Chris, Sam, Siang, Tim, Awen and Jason

– Trip report by Sierra:

Meet at 9:30am at Glenbrook Station. Sierra thinks she is the only female, but then come two more down the road from the toilets, so it’s alright. Kevin of the Bankstown Bushwalkers starts chatting with us. T2 tries to drop names, but can’t remember the names he is trying to drop, so ends up saying things like “that middle aged woman who abseils” and “that young, mid to late twenty year old guy”, and “that guy whose name I can’t remember who came on a trip with me a couple of years ago”. Somehow Kevin managed to guess some of the people’s names, and, despite the poor clue giving, was still engaged by T2’s ‘Guess Who’ style game.

Gary, dismounts his large white van, already shirtless and ready for a day…

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Why are we naked?


Great thought provoking article, I say why isn’t everyone naked?

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6a0105364a8fba970c016768f5fc26970b-800wi If we were like the other 99.9% of mammals, we would have been born with fur. According to scientific theory we hominids have been hairless for at least 1.2 million years. Clothing is much more recent development, the earliest evidence for hide scraping, hides being the most primitive clothing, goes back just some 300,000 years. Nakedness seems to have come about the same time as we learned to make and use fire. Maybe (this is in jest) we lost our fur so we would not catch on fire if we sat too close to the flames.

There are lots of theories as to why we lost our fur, the two most commonly accepted are to reduce the parasite load that fur bearing animal carry and secondly to aid in our ability to hunt larger animals. Humans are not only one of the few mammals that are naked, but also one…

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Nature was meant to be experienced naked


Is there any other way to enjoy nature?

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Trying to experience nature with clothes on is like trying to view a beautiful landscape in a fog. You may enjoy getting a vague idea of what’s there, but you’re missing a large part of the whole. Our skin is a sensory organ, equal to any of the others, and it’s indispensable for perceiving full reality. It’s essential to the whole experience every bit as much as our eyes to appreciate the view, our ears to hear birdsong or rushing water, or our nose to smell the flowers and forest.

Nature should be experienced with the entire body ? as Walt Whitman said, “which I will not have blinded or bandaged any more than the eyes.”

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Is nude rude?


Absolutely ludicrous!!

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[noo-di-tee, nyoo-]

noun, plural nu·di·ties for 2.
1.the state or fact of being nude; nakedness.
2.something nude or naked.

Being nude or naked (because they really do mean the same thing) is something that all people can say hand on heart that they do on a daily basis. Not only that, we all came into this world naked, legs akimbo. Growing up, nakedness is a regular occurrence for children; bath time, when it’s too hot for clothes, when you tip an entire carton of juice down yourself, when you get told “for gods sake, just put your pants on”…and that is just the start.  I don’t have children but I have been a parent. A step parent to be exact, many years ago now and I remember nakedness being a massive feature in our house. Little Legs was 2 when I met her and was still in…

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The Naked Photo – Do You, Don’t You?


Great thoughts

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Last week I reached 40,000 hits on the Naked Imp blog. This brings a smile to my face. And I have yet to post a single naked picture of myself on it. So how does THAT work? Well I don’t doubt for one moment that a number of my hits are thanks to random searchers looking for naked girly pictures and possibly hoping for one of me. And granted there are naked images on my site from other sources.

But a good number of my readers are real naturists, reading for genuine reasons. I know this because I look at my stats and it tells me many interesting things about my readers.

The reason I have not posted any naked images of myself is simply because I don’t need to or want to. I don’t go to naturist events to have my photograph taken. I go to enjoy naked time…

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