” Why naturism is such a tough sell for our clothing restricted societies “


The battle against porn hijacking terms such as Nudist and Naturist is always uphill… but we must keep diluting the nude=sex message any way we can.

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Is it any wonder that people have developed a negative view of naturism? It is nearly impossible to find any authentic positive information on naturist culture without seeing the overwhelming amount of trashy pornography on the web. The pornography industry intentionally creates a linkage between nudity and sex to make money and it is virtually impossible for naturists to overcome that label Even mainstream media helps to promote the false premise. Rarely are articles written in the UK that portray nudity in a positive way. Instead local readers receive a steady diet of naked people involved in outlandish, outrageous or seedy acts. The fact is that there is a great deal more about naturism than nakedness.

5909160808_28d89061a5_b DSCF4491

With so many factors at work that promote the belief that nudity and sex go hand in hand, naturists continue to face an uphill battle in convincing the general public that traditional naturism…

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The Sydney Skinny 2015 – Yay or Nay?


The Sydney Skinny… Yeah or Nay?…. Yeah it is! #Nude #swim #Sydney #Australia

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Many of you have been asking if I am participating in The Sydney Skinny 2015.

After much deliberation, I have decided to do it!! AND, instead of participating myself, I will be involved in Team Nudie.

Surprisingly, the decision wasn’t as easy as last year. This year there were more elements to consider…one being I had already done it. Was I going to achieve anything else by doing it again?

The fact I decided to do it last year was a big thing for me. But it proved to be such a great experience which I think back on very fondly. The lead up to the swim was filled with so many great experiences. I had the privilege of being invited to the Blackmores HQ where I met with a gorgeous naturopath who gave me lots of tips and tricks on how to physically be prepared for the…

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My “Aussie Nudey News” segment on the Naturist Living Show Podcast

This is a great edition of the Naturist Living Show Podcast, not just because I appear at the end from 46mins, but also because of the interview with Serge Pavlovic who talks about the successful campaign to legalise South Africa’s first legal nude beach!

I really think the worldwide Nudist/Naturist organisations should take notice of this victory, which not only got the beach approved but also managed to impose new local bylaws on the beach such as no photography allowed without explicit permission… a first for a nude beach I believe.

There is also a review by Felicity from YNA  of the Free The Nipple Movie… oh and don’t forget to listen till the end to hear yours truly babbling on about Nudism in Australia ;)


Link to Podcast page: http://www.naturistliving.bareoaks.ca/2014/12/south-africa.html?m=1

The ironic development of my daring dance with nudity!


Interesting development?… Facebook accepts bare bums?… or just female ones?

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Trekking to the river and finding a nice little secluded spot. Looking around, feeling nervous and yet excited. I take off my shorts, top, shoes and socks…
Finally the underwear comes off! I laugh, I feel like this is the most daring, adventurous thing I have ever done, yet realistically its really not that much of a big deal.

Travelling around the world solo, having large tattoos permanently adorning your body, climbing a 65 foot tree without safety ropes. Yes, these things are daring and adventurous but being naked outside by yourself. Its really not a big deal at all. Certainly not in the physical sense and yet…yet I felt like it was a monumental moment. I felt like I had disobeyed some unwritten laws, I had gone back to adolescence and rebelled and it felt good.

Now I’m not saying I am ready to be naked in front of…

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Charting The Rise Of Nude Fitness

I was interviewed about nude hiking/bushwalking for this article which was published in the Body+Soul health magazine supplement in the Australian Sunday Telegraph in September 2014 and circulated nationwide, it was also mentioned on the CH10 night time talk show The Project 991797-nude-fitness

“THEY’RE hiking in the Aussie bush, swimming Sydney Harbour and doing the downward-facing dog in yoga studios. These intrepid fitness and adventure enthusiasts have joined a growing global trend of clothing-optional recreational pursuits. So what makes exercise in the nude so appealing? While supporters of the concept talk about feeling free and “at one with nature”, all of them stress that a less-dressed lifestyle has nothing to do with sex. “Being naked is emancipating,” Nigel Marsh, founder and organiser of the annual Sydney Skinny nude swimming event in Sydney Harbour, says. “It strips life back to its essentials, forces you to accept your real self and shake off the shackles modern society so often puts on us.” The Australian Naturist Federation agrees, saying: “Relaxing nude is more relaxing than being clothed, as you literally strip away all cares and pretensions of daily life.” READ MORE: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/fitness/charting-the-rise-of-nude-fitness/story-fnlsv23r-1227052992323

hiking and bouldering in Painted Canyon (California)


WOW, would love to do some nude hiking in this area!

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naturist 0015 Mecca Hills, California, USAPainted Canyon in California is yet another place for a nice hike in the buff; it’s not an official naturist territory, but it has a history of naturist excursions and feels quite secluded.

view 0015 Mecca Hills, California, USA

This place is also known as Mecca Hills, but Painted Canyon makes better justice as its name – the rocks are quite colorful there!

view 0008 Mecca Hills, California, USA

Shortly after then entrance (parking), you’ll have to get up the ladders on another level of the dry riverbed,

naturist 0001 Mecca Hills, California, USA

but otherwise it’s pretty flat. Except for the vertical rock walls around! It’s difficult to imagine how this place is transformed when the river gets full here, but you can get a rough idea when you see the traces of its work, such as the base of this rock wall being washed off…

naturist 0000 Mecca Hills, California, USA

I posed both as a Titan supporting the whole thing and being succumbed to some kind of gravitational force pulling me deep in…

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